• I do not speak English, but I wish you good luck

  • Beloved,The human heart has a deep hunger,people are hungry for love,people are hungry for security,hungry for signifcance.JESUS CHRIST said I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE.(read-Jn-6-35) many people are walking in darkness,depression,disilusionment,and despair.they are looking for directions.JESUS said I AM the light of the world. whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,but will have the light of life.(read-Jn-8-12) so many are burdened by worries of life,anxieties,fears,and guilt.JESUS CHRIST said"come to me,all you who are weary and burdened,and I will give you rest"Mtt-11-28. Why not come to JESUS CHRIST to day? PLS,pass the message to others you will be bless.When you became a christian,God's Holy Spirit come to live in you.(read-Glats-5-22-23).please reply or call +22891278809. I would like to pray with you and be your friend.
    God is mindful of you! (Psalms 8:4-5)
    Be blessed.

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    hello how are you ???

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    hello how are you ??? i am from algéria ...i wil go in london in september

  • hi how are you doing ? you have accepted my invitation and hope to know about you as close friend if u no mind

  • hi and i am watching csi with my dad xxx

  • couc miss ta msn garde contac amitier ^^